Help for bushfire affected communities

We are on the ground in bushfire affected regions providing immediate relief and acting on what communities tell us they need to rebuild.

Our assistance is rapid, targeted and designed to make a difference for the long term.

Please note that we are no longer accepting new voucher applications for the 2019/20 black summer bushfires or 2021 Western Australian bushfires.

We have three main ways we can assist affected communities:
1. Getting businesses back on their feet

We have a team of experts who can work with affected businesses to:

  • provide help with finance, regulation, planning and marketing
  • draw up business recovery plans
  • tap into local legal and accounting services and provide vouchers up to the value of $500 to help cover costs in drawing up business recovery plans
  • navigate the available government assistance and help cut through red tape
  • help fill in forms
  • help find jobs for displaced workers
  • match them with donated equipment to meet their specific needs
  • access mental health support services, and
  • connect businesses with long-term mentors from the large business community.

We are also:

  • encouraging larger businesses and the broader community to buy fresh produce, goods and services from fire affected small businesses,
  • asking larger businesses to hold offsite meetings and conferences in bushfire affected areas,
  • having larger businesses commit to paying their bills and invoices ahead of time to help small businesses with cashflow, and
  • having larger businesses commit to waiving debts owed by small businesses.
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2. Replacing tools and equipment

We can help by providing replacement tools, office equipment, laptops and other practical things lost in the fires that small businesses need to get back to work.

We can give vouchers worth up to $2,000 per small business to replace equipment.

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3. Finding the right solutions with communities

We have organised pop-up malls so businesses destroyed by fire can start trading again while their permanent premises are rebuilt. This supports the local drivers of tourism and other industries.

We will help local tourism related businesses and industries market and promote themselves to encourage tourists to return.

We will help local communities to encourage business, sporting and entertainment events to be held in their region.

We will assist local businesses and industries to find markets for their produce, encouraging larger businesses to source produce from bushfire areas.

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